reliable, efficient, economical, environmental

    Environmental Service Pod™ (ESP) Product    


Environmental Service Pod™ (ESP)
Abundant Renewable Energy

natural, efficient, economical


The concept of a renewable energy application together with appropriate
services can supply an entire building at near-zero operational cost.
Proprietary heat pumps, stored thermal energy and real-time
monitoring are incorporated into the Environmental Service Pod™ (ESP)
system providing a unique "Personal Environment Envelope" concept for
economical natural conditioned comfort.

                            ESP - Systems                                  

1. Electrical System

solar, electrical & control

Electrical system components including solar panels, batteries, isolation inverters, electrical management, electronic devices, IOT, data networking, online services and control systems.

2. Conditioning System

heat pumps, thermal control

Heat pumps, thermal storage tanks,
water pumps, water flow lines
and water treatment systems.

3. Containment System

structural cabinet frames

System modules mounted inside a specifically designed modular racking framework.

                          ESP - Components                          


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