What is an ESP?
An Environmental Service Pod (ESP) incorporates proprietary heat pumps, stored thermal energy and real-time monitoring into a unique "Personal Environment Envelope" concept for the ultimate in natural conditioned comfort.
How does an ESP work?
The ESP consolidates and integrates a multitude of services into one single unified product.
Is the ESP produced in Australia?
Yes. The ESP is an Australian invention (patent candidate) deigned, fabricated and distributed in Australia. It will also be distributed worldwide.
Why is the ESP so special?
As the ESP consolidates and integrates a multitude of services into one single unified product the control and personalised functions are drastically reduced and simplified.
Where can the ESP be installed?
The ESP is designed as a modular, customised system to be incorporated into any type of construction.
What is inherent design?
The ESP was designed with an inherent, or built in, failsafe mode. The dual, internal heat-pump system either works in tandem, to produce efficient and balanced work loads, or as a backup should any deviation from standards occur.
Does location of the ESP effect efficiency?
The ESP's flexible and customisable design ensures all the operational parameters are catered during the initial installation phase.
What is Environmental Energy?
The ESP is designed in such a way that localised environmental conditions are harmoniously balanced for greater energy efficiencies thus minimising operating costs. Solar and hydration technologies are efficiently integrated into the design.
Why is energy efficiency so important?
The ESP's continual environmental monitoring ensures all system settings are balanced to create energy where its needed in the most efficient and economical way.
What is a comfort meter?
The ESP hydronic conditioning system (hot or cold) provides a natural comfortable living environment without the need for air-conditioners or heaters. The comfort meter monitors your personal settings and controls the system accordingly.
Is the ESP CO2 free?
The ESP produces efficient energy without any CO2.
What is a Multi-integrated Renewable Energy Service?
The ESP is capable of integrating various building services (multi-integrated), with renewable sources (solar and hydronics) as a service to the occupant.