passion for the environment, dedication to quality

Environmental Energy Services (EES) was created as a visionary and revolutionary entity to commercialise new products that will disrupt the energy services requirements for combined hybrid conditioning with heating and cooling, and domestic hot and cold water. These new cost effective and efficient natural energy based products will be incorporated into low cost, affordable modular housing.


Product Research

EES researches innovative solutions for high performance material and electrical components to aid the development of environmentally suitable energy systems. Our collaboration with major leading universities ensures detailed investigative knowledge is captured and refined for focused solutions. Investigative analysis combined with performance research ensures EES is at the cutting edge of the technological curve.

Product Development

Initial new product conceptualisation ideas are simulated and tested for effectiveness and compliance with our environmental criteria. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are inherent in the product development phase. Concept development to strict quality standards, adherence to advanced manufacturing methods and if required integration into platform systems. Final stages of refined development produces our commercialisation ready product.



Product Commercialisation

Positive product development results initiate production rollout and subsequently to predefined distribution channels. Market research is conducted, for target markets, during the initial and final phases of product development. All marketing and promotional campaign initiatives are timely launched in support of the product. The product lifecycle, enhancements or refinements are identified as the product is implemented within the market.

Product Services

All EES products are digitally controlled with online dedicated dashboards. In line with our environmental ideology each product consists of embedded sensory systems to harvest operational data to maximise efficiency, minimise energy costs and create unparalleled natural living conditions. IOT connectivity provides powerful information systems that constantly monitor system performance parameters adhering to customised operating rules.